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Body to Body Massage in Vashi

About Body to Body Massage

Body to Body Massage in Vashi

As an ancient practice, body-to-body massage has been around for centuries. This massage therapy is a relaxing experience that helps relieve stress and tension.

This term is quite confusing, and many people want to know what body-to-body massage is.

Generally, it is a sensational massage therapy where two people touch each other without using their hands. It is a pure therapy to relieve fatigue and improve blood flow throughout the body. This massage can be done with or without clothes on—it’s up to you!

It involves the therapist massaging the client with their own body. The therapist’s hands, arms, legs, and feet are frequently used in this, and it can be done with or without using oils. He has the option of using their head, knees, elbows, or even their feet. The process usually begins with the client’s back and moves down to their legs and feet.

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The Spa Vashi
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